Unlimited Potential

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Please note: ALEH’s Israel-based network of facilities for children with severe complex disabilities is in no way affiliated with the Aleh Foundation of Brooklyn, NY run by Shlomo Braun. All inquiries and donations for our extensive activities across Israel should be made via this website ONLY.

Over 700 children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and medical conditions receive advanced medical, educational and rehabilitative care in ALEH’s four residential facilities. In addition, ALEH provides over 26,000 outpatient treatments annually.

At ALEH, we look beyond the disability to the child within. By nurturing development and enriching quality of life, we enable each child to reach their potential.

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ALEH Happenings

Meet Yosef

At age 16 months, Yosef* was a regular, adorable baby who was just taking his first steps. Friendly and playful, he had even begun saying a few words: Ima (mom), Abba (dad), bye-bye.

Tragedy struck out of the blue. While at the babysitter, Yosef suddenly stopped breathing. He was brought to the hospital in cardiac arrest, and although he was successfully resuscitated, he remained in a coma for 8 months.

Yosef came out of the coma when he turned 2 years old. However, things would never be the same. Having sustained severe brain damage, Yosef was now completely dependent and suffering from complicated medical conditions.

Faced with this new reality, his family decided that the best home for Yosef would be at ALEH, where he would receive the outstanding care and optimal rehabilitative opportunities to help him develop.

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Run For ALEH

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ALEH Mitzvah

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  • Join Team ALEH Ascend
    Rise to the challenge!

    With every mile we run, we shatter societal boundaries and raise the bar for the care of Israel’s most vulnerable children.

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  • ALEH Mitzvah
    You can make a difference!

    Take your Bar/Bat Mitzvah to the next level and make it an unforgettable experience that will have a real impact!

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  • Donate your Special Day
    Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations or any Special Occasion

    Turn your special day into a platform for disability care and inclusion by asking your family, friends and party guests to redirect their support to ALEH’s children with severe complex disabilities.

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Our Branches

In 1982, ALEH established its first facility to provide therapeutic services in a warm and loving environment for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Today, more than 700 children from Israel’s disability community receive top quality medical, educational and rehabilitative care at our four branches in
Bnei Brak, Gedera, Jerusalem and the Negev.

Each ALEH facility provides its residents with the support they require for all daily activities, including eating, bathing, sitting and basic hygiene. For many activities, there is a ratio of one to one, with one caregiver (either employee or volunteer) per child.

ALEH’s facilities are unique in that they meet all of the children’s needs – residential, supportive, educational, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and social – within a medically safe environment 24 hours a day. A multidisciplinary approach ensures that the child’s individualized therapy plan is implemented consistently across the various frameworks.