Unlimited Potential

Over 750 children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions receive advanced medical, educational and rehabilitative care in ALEH’s four residential facilities. In addition, ALEH provides over 45,000 outpatient treatments annually.

At ALEH, we look beyond the disability to the child within. By nurturing development and enriching quality of life, we enable each child to reach their greatest potential.

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Voices of ALEH Video Series

Meet ALEH’s professional staff, dedicated volunteers, and most important partners – the parents of the ALEH residents.

Learn about the dedication, compassion, love and care that has made ALEH synonymous with the advancement, inclusion and equity of children with severe complex disabilities. Most importantly, find out why every member of the extended ALEH family firmly believes that they have gained so much more from their connections than they could ever give.

What if it was your child?

Hundreds of children and their parents in Israel rely on us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – to provide outstanding care in a warm and loving environment. We at ALEH need your help to keep changing lives for the better, and make a real and lasting impact on Israel’s disability community, ourselves and the world over.

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Doron Almog: From devoted father to Chair of ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran

Eran Almog, the son of Doron and Didi Almog, was one of the first residents of the “ALEH Negev” rehabilitation village, and lived in the village for one wonderful year until 2007, when he died prematurely at the age of 23.

Although Eran was born with high-level autism and had severe developmental disabilities, his father, Doron, sees Eran as his greatest teacher and as the person who most profoundly influenced his life.

“Eran, who never said a single word, never called me Dad, taught me what true commitment is, and gave me the inspiration to become the representative of people like him – pure souls totally dependent on others and unable to speak for themselves.”

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ALEH Mitzvah

Take your Bar/Bat Mitzvah to the next level and make it an unforgettable experience that will have a real impact!

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Donate your Special Day

Turn your special day into a platform for disability care and inclusion by asking your family, friends and party guests to redirect their support to ALEH’s children with severe complex disabilities.

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Adopt a Child

At the core of ALEH’s success is the warm, personal relationship that develops between our caregivers and our children. After all, our loving, professional staff play many roles in the lives of ALEH’s children.

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Our Boutique

Items in the ALEH Boutique are handcrafted or designed by the children and young adults at ALEH.

These individuals participate in a challenging rehabilitative vocational training program that integrates occupational therapy with meaningful and creative work. By purchasing ALEH’s boutique items, you are promoting the belief that every individual has the right to self-fulfillment and the ability to achieve it.

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