Unlimited Potential

Over 750 children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and medical conditions receive advanced medical, educational and rehabilitative care in ALEH’s four residential facilities. In addition, ALEH provides over 45,000 outpatient treatments annually.

At ALEH, we look beyond the disability to the child within. By nurturing development and enriching quality of life, we enable each child to reach their potential.

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Meet Chanan

Chanan, age 16, is especially friendly and very beloved.

Following his bout with cancer at age 12, Chanan’s family became much more involved in his daily life. Seeing the love and care the staff and volunteers showered upon Chanan while he was hospitalized made a deep impact on them, and they now visit him often and take part in ongoing events at ALEH.

Since his recovery, ALEH’s professional staff continues to work with Chanan intensively to help him progress in all areas. After a great deal of hard work, Chanan now walks independently. He knows the way to his bedroom, going from the elevator to his room on his own and sitting down on his bed. He is able to go up and down stairs with supervision. He takes a turn during classroom duty and he helps clear the table after meals.

This past year Chanan also learned to eat completely independently.

Chanan has also made significant strides in communication skills. Thanks to your sponsorship, he uses an iPad and has learned various symbols and icons which he uses to communicate better with those around him. For example, when he eats, Chanan uses his iPad to ask for chocolate spread on his bread.

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Our Branches

In 1982, ALEH established its first facility to provide therapeutic services in a warm and loving environment for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Today, more than 700 children from Israel’s disability community receive top quality medical, educational and rehabilitative care at our four branches in
Bnei Brak, Gedera, Jerusalem and the Negev.

Each ALEH facility provides its residents with the support they require for all daily activities, including eating, bathing, sitting and basic hygiene. For many activities, there is a ratio of one to one, with one caregiver (either employee or volunteer) per child.

ALEH’s facilities are unique in that they meet all of the children’s needs – residential, supportive, educational, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and social – within a medically safe environment 24 hours a day. A multidisciplinary approach ensures that the child’s individualized therapy plan is implemented consistently across the various frameworks.