Dedication Opportunities

An enhanced hydrotherapy program will impact greatly on the development of those ALEH Negev residents who indicate marked improvement from hydrotherapy.

$ 25,000.00

ALEH’s animal therapy program provides children with complex disabilities ongoing opportunities for hands-on animal care, offering sensory stimulation, nurture and bonding, practice of motor skills, and vocational work.

$ 50,000.00

Provides specialized bird’s nest swings and a wheelchair accessible merry-go-round for ALEH Jerusalem’s Rooftop Playground.

$ 80,000.00

Sponsor the purchase of a wheelchair accessible ambulance for the children at ALEH Moriah. All ALEH facilities provide their children with round-the-clock medical care, supervision and preventive treatment for serious medical conditions such as epilepsy, respiratory difficulties and orthopedic complications. When necessary, children are transported to clinics and hospitals for specialized treatment, follow-up, or in case of emergency.

$ 110,000.00