Dedication Opportunities

Hiring physicians in diverse specialties to treat ALEH’s children on an ongoing basis will help prevent serious medical complications such as early osteoporosis and orthopedic distortions. Hired specialists include a Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist, Dietician, Optometrist and more.

$ 5,000.00

Cough assist machines, the most effective method of respiratory treatment, mechanically blow air into the deepest recesses of the lungs to ensure proper functioning and drain the lungs of accumulated amounts of undesired mucus.

$ 5,125.00

Whether it’s a trip to the mountains or seaside; a wheelchair-accessible hike in the lap of nature; or a luxurious experience in an elegant hotel, it brings a breath of fresh air for ALEH children. Replete with wheelchairs, respirators and feeding tubes, off they go for a delightful 3-day change in routine and scenery.

$ 7,000.00

Enables safe, dignified transference of immobile young adults.

$ 7,200.00

Provides sensory stimulation for children with visual and hearing impairments through sound, motion and flashing lights.

An electric wheelchair gives ALEH children with mobility impairments the freedom to get around on their own by moving a specialized joystick attached to the chair.

$ 10,000.00

Creating a volunteer base of tutors will help ALEH’s outpatient children practice much-needed therapy exercises at home throughout the week.

$ 10,000.00

Includes a vocal output system and switchboard with pictures, letters and dials, all in an accessible, mobile system.

$ 16,200.00

Establish a music and movement therapy room within ALEH Jerusalem’s Child Development Outpatient Clinic.

$ 20,000.00