Dedication Opportunities

Customized seating systems achieve an upright sitting posture with proper support for head and body sides and include built-in supports to prevent falling. Proper seating allows students to benefit from what is happening around them and enables better digestion during mealtime.

$ 425.00

Specially designed computer applications and games open up a whole new world to children with disabilities, enhancing communication and cognitive skills and providing hours of entertainment and fun.

$ 500.00

The children at ALEH delight in a trip to the zoo, beach, picnic spot, Mount Hermon or even the Kotel just like their nondisabled peers. Much logistical planning and special transportation ensure that they, too, can enjoy an exciting and rejuvenating experience – wheelchairs, feeding tubes and all.

$ 500.00

Many residents able to walk independently require customized orthotics to correct foot positioning and provide greater stability that leads to increased independence.

$ 575.00

Enables children to receive the nutrients they need in a safe, controlled manner.

$ 1,120.00

A pulse monitor is a vital piece of equipment necessary to safeguard the health of ALEH residents by frequent measuring of vital life signs, including blood oxygen levels and pulse rate.

$ 1,150.00

Provision of oxygen for residents who require it is a main part of ALEH’s medical treatment plan and enables children who cannot breathe on their own to receive respiratory treatments and oxygen fillers several times a day.

$ 1,425.00

Active standers enable children to experience standing and make eye-contact with those around them while strengthening muscles and improving ventilation, respiration and digestive functions.

$ 2,000.00