Zichron Yaakov High School Yeshiva Connects with ALEH Moriah

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Special visits always excite us!

One such occasion took place when the Yeshiva High School from Zichron Yaakov dropped in to see us at ALEH Moriah in Gedera.

We began the day with a Kahoot questionnaire about the students’ attitudes regarding people with disabilities and were pleasantly surprised to find that these teens were very open and receptive.

The visit continued as our physiotherapist, Esther, explained about life in the center. Students responded with a lot of questions, and many opened up to tell about their own relatives who live with a disability.

A moving address by Karin Kortuza and Morasha Amit, two participants in ALEH’s ALI Program integrating young women with disabilities into Israel’s National Service volunteer program, completed the day. The girls spoke about their experiences living an independent lifestyle and how they assimilate into society. The sound applause and students’ smiling faces after hearing the girls’ stories proved how significant the meeting was and underscored the importance of exposure to here-to-fore unknown life realities.

Karin’s summarization of the visit was particularly moving. “I was excited to tell about my life, and was even more enthused that the boys paid such attention and showed such interest. For me it is a mission to tell about our project and how we are being helped to be mainstreamed. My dream is to travel around the country and tell everyone.”