Yeshiva of Flatbush Annual Visit to ALEH

Yeshiva of Flatbush Annual Visit to ALEH

Jan 18, 2009

In what has become a tradition, a group of some 50 students, faculty and parents from The Yeshiva of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School, led by Rabbi Naftali Besser,recently visited ALEH’s Jerusalem Center.

The group first received a short orientation from the ALEH staff about the center, its goals and the children. They then split up into small groups, joining the children in various activities – sport games, the “dark” room, winter games and even a birthday celebration.
No matter which activity they joined, they immediately became a part of the group – playing, singing, and bringing much joy. The visit ended with a gathering of all ALEH children and visitors, where they all joined together in song, dance, and a celebration of love and warmth.
There is no doubt that the visit uplifted the students as well as ALEH’s children.
Watching the excitement of our children and hearing from the students how thankful they are for the opportunity to be part of such an inspiring experience says it all.
As one particular student exclaimed to an ALEH staff member “this place is so amazing! I am so inspired!”
If your group or school would like to visit ALEH’s children when you are in Israel, contact Dov for more information.


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