Yes, We Can! – ALEH's Kids Enjoy Nachal David, Masada Fortress, and a Night in the Heart of Nature

Yes, We Can! – ALEH's Kids Enjoy Nachal David, Masada Fortress, and a Night in the Heart of Nature

The residents of ALEH Moriah aren’t spoiled.  They were delighted to push their endurance with a hiking trip that included the special experience of sleeping in the heart of nature.

In fact, that was the beauty of ALEH Moriah’s End-of-Year School trip, during which the residents travelled south to some of Israel’s most magnificent nature sites.

We began the day with a hike to the first waterfall at Nachal David.  The nature path is wheelchair-accessible, so the hike was perfectly suitable for the residents.  The waterfall itself was a glorious sight and a well-deserved reward!

We continued onward to the Masada Fortress.  The trip up the mountain in a cable car was an experience in itself.  It was special to see the residents walking around the fortress and drinking in the sights, sounds, colors and heights.

Toward evening we arrived at the “Desert Pathways” Guest Rooms, where we were greeted by the beating of drums and strumming of guitars.  The residents were thrilled with their comfortable wooden accommodations, and once they were asleep, the staff enjoyed a lively party of their own until the wee hours of the morning.

The next morning, following a hearty breakfast, we continued onward to Einot Tzukim.  There a counselor took us on a hike between the reeds and the small lakes interspersed through the area.  The residents marched along like real troopers, dipping their feet in the running water all along the way.

After lunch we travelled to Eretz Bereishit in Kfar Adumim, where the bravest residents had the chance to ride on camels until Abraham’s Tent site, where we were all treated to cold drinks, dried fruit and pita baking.  Stretched out on mattresses for a little rest, we enjoyed the gorgeous view and clear air and wind, with the camels resting next to us.

The highlight of the trip was the feeling of normalcy that accompanied us everywhere we went.  Walking along the pathways of our beautiful country, feasting our eyes on the wonder of a waterfall, dipping our hands and feet in the running water, seeing the blueness of the sky and the desert view from the top of the mountain….  Yes, our kids can enjoy the wonder of nature, just like any other child!

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