Yarin’s Special Bar Mitzvah Celebration

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We can’t believe that our amazing Yarin is a Bar Mitzvah! Though our strict sterilization protocols currently disallow visitors from entering our ALEH centers, the ALEH staff and volunteers had no intention of allowing a lack of guests to halt the planning for Yarin’s special day.

Yarin and his friends were dressed in festive clothing, their special education classroom was transformed into a gorgeous party room, special desserts were brought in from gourmet bakeries and chocolatiers, and the ALEH staff and volunteers danced and sang joyously with the Bar Mitzvah. It was truly a sight to behold, and we are so grateful to the staff members and volunteers who went above and beyond to organize this incredible event and put a permanent smile on Yarin’s face.

Remember: EVERY CHILD deserves beautiful milestone celebrations, proper recognition and happy memories. EVERY CHILD deserves the opportunity to embrace their spirituality and enter adulthood with love and support.