Who’s Running the Show? ALEH Negev’s High Dependency Wing Residents Have a Blast

Who’s Running the Show? ALEH Negev’s High Dependency Wing Residents Have a Blast

It was Sunday Afternoon at the Movies at ALEH Negev – a novel experience for those residing at the ALEH Negev High Dependency Hospital Wing. But this time the tables were turned, and it was the delighted residents who were running the show.

The High Dependency Unit at the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village is home to 24 residents, all of whom require constant medical supervision due to severe disabilities and complex medical conditions. If not for ALEH Negev, these relatively young individuals would find themselves confined to a nursing home or hospital for life.

Due to their complex conditions and the high risk of infection and complications, the high-dependent residents cannot be taken out of the wing often. Instead, enrichment activities are conducted within the unit under the watchful eye of medical staff. Despite the severity of cognitive and physical disabilities, ALEH Negev seeks to enhance their quality of life with pleasurable activities and normative experiences. An afternoon “out” at the movies is one of them.

In this case, ALEH Negev decided to make the experience doubly special. For the first time ever, residents would run the activity. This time, they who would take charge. What better way to foster their personal development, physical progress, and self-esteem than by enabling them to assume responsibility and give to others?

Each resident proudly wore a name tag, with name and position indicating the specific task assigned them in the operation of their self-managed little movie theater. A Sherut Leumi girl was designated to each individual resident. Residents Pinchas and Eli were in charge of the cafeteria, while Shimon and Kfir acted as ushers, ensuring that every participant had a ticket. Even little Lian gave out snacks and drinks to the guests. Together, the residents helped select the movie to be shown that day. They worked with newly created team spirit and formed a cohesive group, adding to their sense of belonging to a community.

For the first time ever, ALEH Negev’s high-dependency residents assumed responsibility, took charge, and gave of themselves for the sake of others. Their delight knew no bounds. It left a palpable feeling of excitement in anticipation of the next Sunday Afternoon at the Movies. Stay tuned for next week’s episode….