When Kids Can’t Go On an Outing, Bring the Outing to Them

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Residents of ALEH Moriah are among the most susceptible population and require careful protection against any possible exposure to the corona virus. Regular weekly excursions to the community pizzeria and ice cream parlor aren’t an option, so how do students get their weekly treat?

Leave it to the inventive and industrious National Service girls of ALEH Moriah in Gedera to find a way to reproduce residents’ weekly excursions during these times of corona-forced isolation. Our fabulous girls brought enough pizza and ice cream for all, divided the students into groups of less than ten, as per regulation, and created a festive atmosphere, no less joyful than regular weekly trips.

National Service girls are doing everything they possibly can – and more – to make sure ALEH residents keep their spirits high, bringing creative activities, arts and crafts, music and computer games to each ALEH in the Community home.

Residents’ families have no need to worry. Our attentive girls have thought of them as well, increasing the number of skype calls between students and parents, making sure that they see each other and stay in close contact.

We salute our amazing girls, always able to find solutions and bring joy to ALEH.

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