What's New at Moriah?

What's New at Moriah?

Mar 23, 2005

ALEH Reaches for the Heights

This past month the Hermon was filled with an unbelievable sight: 30 residents of ALEH’s Moriah facility enjoying the beauty, sights and attractions at the heights of the snow-capped Hermon mountains.

The residents were accompanied by an ambulance well stocked with medical supplies, changes of clothes and shoes. A large number of medical staff, caregivers, volunteers from Bar-Ilan University, and family members joined as well.

Hosted by the Alpines Unit the residents enjoyed a wonderful program, including a trip through snow tunnels, a hot lunch, and a short film describing the day as a memento.

The sheer delight of the residents proved once again that where there’s a will, the spirit can overcome the body’s limitations.

Tu B’Shvat in Moriah presented a special opportunity for Moriah’s residents to become givers as well.

The air-force base in Tel Nof, situated very close to Gederah, has adopted the Moriah residents as their special cause. The soldiers and pilots take part in many of the activities in Moriah, much to the delight of its residents.

To express their appreciation, the staff and residents of Moriah traveled to Tel Nof on Tu B’Shvat for a special event. Laden with plants, flowers and trees, a beautiful and touching planting ceremony was held together with dozens of soldiers, commanders, officers and pilots. Everyone participated in the planting, singing, and dancing, which climaxed with a special musical show put on by the Moriah residents. A lavish Tu B’Shvat fruit spread was enjoyed by all, as Moriah invited their hosts to partake of the bounty they had brought along.

The sheer joy and love was palpably felt by all those present, as heaven, man and ground joined together and givers and receivers exchanged roles and bonded as one.

“A healthy soul in a healthy body” is Moriah’s latest project, promoting better health habits to enhance its residents’ sense of well-being.

A group of five girls enjoy walking together once a week. Under the supervision of a caregiver and therapist, they have gradually quickened their pace, lengthened their distance, and lessened their breaks on the way. They recently covered an area of 2 kilometers, with one stop in the middle at a cozy coffee house to provide positive reinforcement!

An exercise room with treadmills is in use throughout the day, and participants have shown a marked improvement in shedding extra weight and improved motor ability.

The winds shake the building and the freezing rain pours down, but inside Moriah all the residents feel warm and protected as they gather together for a weekly joint music session.

Aromatic candles are lit, and everyone sits together in a circle. The sweet smell and the flicker of the candles transform the room and bring with it a calming, warm atmosphere. In the background plays wonderful music, and slowly the residents are encouraged to dance.

The session ends with lively children’s favorites and Israeli classics, and hot coffee and cake are served. What a wonderful way to spend a cold winter afternoon!

A special respiratory guidance course was given to Moriah’s staff of physiotherapists and rehabilitative assistants in February, where they learned new techniques in performing this life-saving treatment

This advanced study course, given by Mrs. Orit Bartov of the Alyn Hospital in Jerusalem, reinforced the staff’s belief in the importance of their efforts to help the children breathe easier and more comfortably, thereby enhancing their quality of life immeasurably.


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