What's New at ALEH Bnei Brak?

What's New at ALEH Bnei Brak?

Mar 15, 2005

§         The children of ALEH Bnei Brak are enjoying an exciting Game Room equipped with dozens of specialized toys, puppets and dolls, appropriate books, and an audio-visual system.  The Game Room is designed with cozy corners furnished with pillows, cushions and chairs for visiting families. There are also individualized game kits with user-friendly instructions for parents to borrow when taking a child home for a weekend. The Game Room promises to be a wonderful outlet of stimulation and social interaction for the children and their families and staff members as well as between the children themselves.
§         A Cough Assist, a specialized device that removes secretions by stimulating and enhancing coughing in a natural way, was recently purchased to help our children with chronic breathing difficulties.  We are delighted to have this opportunity to enhance the children’s quality of life by enabling them to breathe easier.
§         Ten new beds were purchased for the safety and comfort of the children.  The beds are aesthetically pleasing and homey-looking in contrast to standard hospital beds.  At the same time, they are more accessible to various furnishings and medical care.
§         The fourth floor of Beit Yahalom was recently renovated.  It is now equipped with additional bathing areas, a better air-conditioning system, and a fire-safety system.  It also received a new, fresh look with new flooring.
§         Staff members and volunteers had a wonderful time on a special trip to the South, where they hiked, toured some of the Negev’s magnificent sites and enjoyed delicious meals.  The opportunity to bond together as a staff in an enjoyable and relaxed setting will be remembered fondly for many months to come.
§         Several specialists were hired to treat our children, including a neurologist and an orthopedist.  These professionals come to ALEH Bnei Brak once every two months.  We have high hopes that their involvement in the children on a steady basis will minimize medical complications and hospitalizations.


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