"We are all Ambassadors Today"

"We are all Ambassadors Today"

Mar 29, 2012

Led by Celia Gould, wife of British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould, a delegation of distinguished women from around the world honoured ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran with a visit last week.

The visit was the initiative of Mrs. Gould, who organised the group together with Rhoda Fischer, Honorary President of ALEH Negev and wife of Governor of Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer.

The visitors came to view first-hand how this pioneering rehabilitative village for the special-needs population has grown to become a realisation of a dream in the heart of the Negev, and to see what could be applied from its guiding principles.

ALEH believes that every child, regardless of disability or level of impairment, deserves to benefit from the best available care and develop to his or her fullest potential.  In addition to offering severely disabled children and young adults all the specialised services they require in a quality environment, ALEH seeks to promote awareness and acceptance of special needs population within the community at large, across cultural and interdenominational boundaries.  That is why ALEH was so delighted to welcome this particular group of visitors, who were so open to its message of acceptance.

The group, one dozen strong, was comprised of caring, committed individuals from a number of different spheres of interest.  Among those were Tatiana Iosiper, wife of Romanian’s Ambassador to Israel; Jessica Massanet, wife of Alvaro Iranzo,Spanish Ambassador to Israel; Judith Standley, wife of the European Union’s Ambassador to Israel; and Eden Goldberger, wife of the Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy.

Rhoda Fischer suggested that, in essence, the entire group could serve as Ambassadors – for ALEH.  In taking the time to personally come and show their support, they were representing the interests and advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable population in Israel.

As they walked through the grounds and interacted with residents in their vocational workshops, the visitors were heard to express their appreciation for the scope of ALEH’s work and activities.  It was evident that all were profoundly moved by the visit, and by the level of care given by the ALEH Negev staff.

ALEH offers deep thanks to its special visitors, and hopes to continue in the positive spirit of cooperation and motivation that was established – to continue joint efforts to enable the continued expansion of existing frameworks, and provide the highest quality standards this most vulnerable population deserves.

“A truly inspiring visit. May the experience, knowledge and love shown at ALEH Negev spread throughout Israel and the world. There is so much to learn here.”
Judith Standley – Wife of Ambassador of the European Union to Israel

“Incredible Place! You are an inspiration to all of us! What counts most in life, is what we do for others! Thank you for leading us in this direction!”
Patty Willis – President of the International Woman’s Club

“I leave ALEH with an uplifted state of mind. It is an inspiration to see the love and care the residence receive here.”
Tatiana Losiper  – Wife of the Romanian Ambassador to Israel 


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