Wall of Hearts at ALEH Jerusalem

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As the second coronavirus wave in Israel swells to tsunami-like proportions, ALEH Jerusalem is once again clamping down on outside visits, doing everything possible to keep the virus out and protect our immunocompromised residents from even the slightest chance of infection.

A newly-constructed, outdoor plastic dividing wall allows parents and relatives to see and speak with their beloved children while preventing any possible transfer of dangerous germs and bacteria.

Though physical contact may be restricted, blessings of the heart are unlimited. To catch and hold all of these good wishes, ALEH Jerusalem has established a Wall of Hearts to display the cards, greetings and blessings for the New Year conveyed to ALEH residents by parents, siblings, relatives and friends. Located at the entrance to the ALEH building, residents can go out to the wall where dedicated caregiving staff point out and read the messages sent to each person from their family.

The ALEH Wall of Hearts – yet another innovative idea by ALEH’s resourceful staff to maintain and strengthen the ties between residents and families during these challenging times of corona regulations and distancing.

May the New Year bring us blessings of harmony and unity, enabling us to once again freely and openly gather in joy.