Venezuelan Keren Hayesod Mission at Hi-Dependency Ward Dedication

Venezuelan Keren Hayesod Mission at Hi-Dependency Ward Dedication

Apr 15, 2007

On May 1, 2006, ALEH Negev was honored to host 50 members of the Venezuelan mission at its Hi-Dependency Ward Dedication. Three prominent couples, Mr. Israel and Perla Bechar, President of Keren Hayesod in Venezuela; Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi and Rebecca Lobel; and Mr. and Mrs. Yosef and Sylvia Entebbe had donated rooms at the ALEH Negev village, and now their friends were joining them for the dedication ceremony.

The event began with a tour of the residential quarters and the vocational therapy centers, where the guests witnessed young adults in various therapy sessions. Mrs. Chagit Pottesman, Head Nurse and a Spanish speaker, led the tour in conjunction with Mrs. Israela Nevo, Director of ALEH Negev. The visitors were visibly moved by the high level of care being given to the children.

At the Hi-Dependency Ward, Mr. Israel Bechar, the initiator of the sponsorship project, was honored with the cutting of the ribbon. Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz affixed the mezuzah, and everyone proceeded to the main lobby for the ceremony.

Mr. Kalman Gabbai highlighted Keren Hayesod’s involvement in ALEH Negev, and Mr. Yehoshua Amishav, President of Keren Hayesod spoke about the holiness of this project which serves such special children.

Rabbi Rabinowitz followed with an interesting thought connecting the traditional leper to a woman giving birth and pointing out the common denominator they share: the giving of charity.

Guest speaker was Major General (Res.) Doron Almog, Chairman of ALEH Negev. Even those who had heard him speak before were moved to tears as he described his brother Eran who was killed in the Yom Kippur war and who, had he lived, would have celebrated his birthday that day. ALEH Negev, said Doron passionately, is a living legacy created in his memory. He reiterated his pledge to always care for the weakest members of society and never leave the wounded behind.

Another highlight of the ceremony was when Rotem, a resident of ALEH Negev sang a beautiful and touching Adon Olam. Interestingly, at her previous home during the past six years no one had realized she could sing. The uniqueness of ALEH Negev led to the discovery of her talent, and the therapists are working very hard to help her develop her special ability.

Mr. Bechar spoke of his involvement with ALEH and how honored he felt to be able to dedicate the wing. He urged his friends on the mission to get involved in developing the Negev in general and ALEH Negev in particular.

ALEH CEO Yehuda Marmorstein and Mr. Avner Mori, Rosh Hamo’atza, made presentations to the donors and thanked them warmly for their generous support.

The guests were treated to delicious refreshments, followed by the unveiling ceremony of the Israel and Perla Bechar Classroom and the Tzvi and Rebecca Doctor’s Room in the Hi-Dependency Ward.

A short bus ride then brought the guests to the Vocational Center for the unveiling of the Mr. Yoseph and Sylvia Entebbe Vocational Workshop Room. There they viewed and purchased beautiful pieces of artwork handcrafted by the residents of ALEH Negev.

The ceremony left everyone feeling a tremendous sense of continued responsibility to the residents and the people of Israel.

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