True Champs – ALEH's Maccabiah!

True Champs – ALEH's Maccabiah!

Jul 23, 2009

The Maccabiah is Israel’s most exciting event this summer, with the spotlight focused on sports, champions, and overcoming challenges.

And that is something ALEH’s children succeed in doing every single day – as they learn to help dress themselves, choose the food they eat, stand on their own two feet, and live life to the fullest, despite their serious disabilities.
They had the chance to prove themselves recently, in a sports competition for special-needs youngsters held in Kibbutz Nan. Arranged by Hapo’el Tel Aviv (Israel’s famous football team) ALEH’s “Maccabiah” team was represented by ALEH Gederah’s young adults.
The races were varied and challenging: jumping to a distance, hitting a target, breaking through barriers, and many more. ALEH’s kids had a blast, participating fully and enjoying every minute.
After the activities they were treated to a visit of the kibbutz’s petting zoo, topping off a super-great day.
Each participant received a certificate attesting to his championship. Tired but bursting with pride they returned home, every one of them a winner.
And yes – they came back with a winner’s cup!


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