Torah Tour at Moriah

Torah Tour at Moriah

May 30, 2012

When I think of the event, I think of Moishy.

Moishy is a boy with the face of an angel and a dazzling smile.    He has a special connection with songs in general, and with religious songs, specifically, so this event was tailor made for him.

There is no comparing a regular Torah dedication ceremony with the kind we have at ALEH Moriah.  At our unique ceremony, 40 pairs of hands joined in to painstakingly prepare the cover for the Torah.  40 sets of eyes looked on expectantly, and there is no describing the excitement and emotion palpable in the air when the Torah scroll was finally ready to be brought in.

The event was planned to coincide with the Shavuot holiday, when residents learned about how the Jewish people stood at Mount Sinai to receive the Torah.  The procession set out from the school building and included Moriah students, teachers and school staff, local volunteer schoolgirls, and Dudu, a veteran volunteer – without whom this would not have been possible.

The students set out in a festive mood, holding small Torahs, as a special car with lights and music accompanied them along the way.  The first stop was at the entrance to the facility, which had been decorated by the students.  Gabi, the dedicated guard, was honored with the reading of a few verses from the Torah as the entire crowd chanted responsively.  Dudu the volunteer was likewise honored, and from there we set out onto the main street.

It is not often that Gedera sees such a spectacle.  Shopkeepers stood outside their stores to watch, and passersby applauded as we passed.  There was a real sense of elation, and it was impossible not to become swept up in the joy and excitement.

At the entrance to the synagogue we were greeted by Rabbi Arieh Klein, the devoted gabbai (sexton) who opened his heart and doors to host us with great honor and respect.  After all the students had come inside and settled into seats, dear Moishy was honored with the opening of the ark.  Eliyahu blew the shofar and also read a few more Torah verses aloud.  Joyous singing then broke out from the crowd, led by the Ulpana girls and the Moriah students jumping and dancing.  One at a time, they came up to kiss the holy scroll.  Song after song, the sound grew, the feet stamped, hands clapped, and heart swelled with emotion.

Because the students were reluctant to leave the festivities, we continued the singing and dancing all the way back to the school, and the celebration went on and on – all in honor of the Torah.


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