Thoughts From Taglit birthright israel Volunteers

Thoughts From Taglit birthright israel Volunteers


Visiting ALEH on my Birthright trip provided me with an opportunity to remind myself of my obligation to others as a Jew, how every life matters and is important and significant.

Uri Kelman
Its amazing what you people are doing

Michelle Hoffman
What you give these children is amazingly generous, I am in awe

Robert Kantor
If every person gave a tenth as much back to society as you guys do every day, this world would be a much better place, thank you.

Tamar Samuel-Siegel
It was exciting to see that staff members seemed to have personal knowledge of each Childs needs and abilities and were able to respond to each accordingly

Michael Sorokorensky
It was inspirational and more people should come visit and volunteer

Jessica Etzkin
You guys had amazing energy, thank you for giving us the opportunity to volunteer

Daniel Marcus
I had a great time working with the kids, it’s really nice to be able to go into a situation that doesn’t require any pretensions and just do some good for the less fortunate.

Brett Bluestein
Now that I have done this once I’m going to do it again many times, I really enjoyed the experience and will always treasure it.

Isaac Mullaer
Excellent caring and compassionate staff

Jennifer Schreiber
Your facility is fantastic. I’ve worked with kids with CP and haven’t seen or heard of anything so comprehensive or supportive

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