There's no place like ALEH!

There's no place like ALEH!


A collection of thoughts from the NCSY Kollel:

Dovi Fischer
You are tremendous heroes!! Amazing people!
Yosef Hoffman
I think it is amazing what you guys are doing, it makes me appreciate the little things in life a lot more.
Moshe Dulitz
It shows a great step in the progress of the Jewish people as a whole when there is a program such as this that takes care of the weakest members of society.
Willie Roth
I am in awe of the amount of care and dedication that ALEH Negev has towards these kids, they really cater to the needs of each one and make the kids happy and excited. They really deserve all the gratitude in the world for all their efforts.
Oren Rabinowitz
The smile you see on their faces causes only one reaction, to smile back!!
David Shai Horowitz
Bonding with the ALEH residents was an indescribable experience. I realized that it’s possible to connect to these people even though they can’t communicate directly. I made a lot of friends today.
Chesky Koppel
A very special and rewarding experience that helps me appreciate everything a lot more.
Asher Lindenbaum
ALEH Negev is doing amazing things for Israel and for society in general.
Gabe Shapiro
Giving from one’s self is never easy, but in the case of ALEH Negev we gained so much that it can hardly be called Chessed.
Yehuda Hirtz
This facility does amazing work for these residents. They give these people a normal life.
Joseph Rabinow
This was a meaningful part of my trip to Israel. Everyone should be able to experience the connections made.
Adam Hersch
The experience of working with these children has helped me appreciate all the gifts G-d has given me.
Menachem Wicentowski
This place is amazing. The work that goes on here is so incredible. The residents are so happy.
Yoni Gancz
I really enjoyed being with the kids at the park. This also made me appreciate who I am and what I have.

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