The New Educational and Rehabilitative Complex: A Comprehensive Response to a Wide Range of Needs

The New Educational and Rehabilitative Complex: A Comprehensive Response to a Wide Range of Needs

ALEH is currently nearing completion of a new educational and rehabilitative complex in Israel’s central region.  This project comes in response to overcrowding in the existing Bnei Brak frameworks, and the need for a comprehensive educational and therapeutic framework for hundreds of children with disabilities from throughout the Gush Dan area of Israel.

The large, innovative complex will be located in Pardes Katz, a short drive from Tel Aviv, and will serve the entire central region of the country. Built on an area of 11,000 sq. m., the educational and rehabilitative day center will provide services to some 400 babies, children and young adults with special needs.

The new center will serve both ALEH’s children and children with disabilities from the community.  Residents of ALEH will now have the opportunity to leave home every day and travel to school, just like every other youngster their age.  The spacious, quality environment will enable them to benefit from a more intensive rehabilitative program with educational activities appropriate for each child’s individual needs.

The comprehensive new center will bring together a wide variety of services under one roof. It will offer early intervention programs, preschools and kindergartens, special education classes and private therapy sessions. Each student will have a personally designed therapeutic program including a wide range of treatments: physiotherapy, occupational and communication therapies, multi-sensory therapy, rehabilitative technology, emotional therapies, dental treatment, hydrotherapy and gardening therapy. An on-premises workshop will create, adapt and modify rehabilitative and assistive equipment, enabling a quick, efficient and individualized response to the growing and changing needs of the children.

The center will be equipped with advanced equipment and methodology, and will be under full medical supervision during all hours of operation.