The ALEH Family Wishes Everyone a Happy Family Day!

The ALEH Family Wishes Everyone a Happy Family Day!

Feb 24, 2009

The extended ALEH Family is pleased to acknowledge and celebrate “Family Day”, celebrated today (30 Shvat) here in Israel.

Originally designated as Mother’s Day, the 30th of Shvat was chosen to mark the birthday of Henrietta Szold, founder of the Hadassah Women’s Organization. Although she never had children of her own, Szold helped run Youth Aliyah, an organization that rescued some 22,000 Jewish children from Nazi Europe.

As times and public perceptions have changed in Israel, so has the celebration of the day.  Mother’s Day became Family Day, recognizing the fact that the mother alone is not solely responsible for raising children.  Instead, responsibility for the welfare of the child has now become a collective responsibility, and involves a wider family circle.
Here at ALEH, the idea of communal responsibility for raising a special child has become an underlying theme.  All of ALEH’ facilities serve as warm and loving homes, founded on the belief that every individual is special; that each human being is equally deserving of love and respect, and deserves the opportunity to develop to full potential and enjoy a high quality of life.
Family connections are strongly encouraged by ALEH’s staff.  Parents are invited to be full partners in the decision-making process throughout the various stages of therapeutic care.  Family bonding programs involve parents, siblings and grandparents in various events, and a wide range of social activities serve to further deepen the connection between ALEH children and their families.
But in those cases where the natural family is unavailable, ALEH has truly become the child’s complete family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our devoted staff plays a critical role in helping our children get the best possible care so that they can develop their potential to the fullest.  Acting as mother, father, sibling, and friend, the ALEH family offers the most vulnerable members of society hope for a real quality of life filled with growth, warmth and love.
From our Family to Yours – happy Family Day!


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