The 2010 Eran Almog Excellence Award Ceremony

The 2010 Eran Almog Excellence Award Ceremony

Feb 7, 2010
Each year, to honor the memory of Eran Almog o.b.m., the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitative Village hosts a ceremony to award outstanding staff members of the ALEH organization. 
The awards are given through the Dr. Yaakov Pikar Foundation, as the gift of philanthropist Gabi Pikar, a devoted friend of ALEH.  
Speaking at this year’s ceremony commemorating the 3rd year since the passing of Eran Almog were Yehuda Marmorstein, CEO of the ALEH centers; Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, rabbi of the Western Wall and ALEH board member; and Doron Almog, Chairman of ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran. As the directors of each of ALEH’s 4 facilities presented an award to an outstanding staff member, the audience was moved anew to hear of the dedication, love and warmth showered upon the 650 children that make up the ALEH family.
Special thanks to the many attendees, including Rhoda Fischer, President of ALEH Negev; board members Tami Raveh, Reuven Avital and Itzik Sharir, and parents and friends of ALEH’s children, who all came to show their appreciation for the tireless efforts of the staff. 

To our dearly beloved Eran,
Your hug is sorely missing to me, my dear son. I have it on my computer screen, on my cell phone screen and deep within my memory and body. I see you running to me with such joy, stretching your hands out to me and waving them in every direction and hugging me softly, with your head resting on my shoulder. A soft, long hug. A hug of longing. A hug of hope. A hug of pleading. A hug of a mute request. A hug of need and a hug of trust that I would never, ever abandon you.
I walk around with your hug everywhere, my dear son. Your silent request shouts out form within me. I try to translate it into a language that will reach every person, in Israel and throughout the world. I try to translate it into a practical plan that will fix a great injustice; a plan that will correct some of the ongoing discrimination, the stereotypes and stigmas that overshadowed your world, our world.
My beloved Eran, I look for you every day. I talk to you all the time. I look up to you. You are my teacher. You are the one who taught me to be a better person. You showed me a different dimension. You bestowed upon me different measuring tools. You who absolutely no egocentrism, you, who in regular human terms were a person with no influence or power, you took me apart piece by piece and built me anew, as if I was a Lego toy.
I use the measuring tools you bequeathed me during my lectures in schools, in conversations with people, during my trips around the world, in private homes, in offices, stores, and various communities. I use them when judging the look in peoples’ eyes, when analyzing the tone of their words, and when deciphering human behavior.
My beloved Eran, I continue to hug you wherever I go. And your soft hug envelops me in every place and guides me to continue onward without fear. Your soft hug cushions me and gives me such great strength wherever I go. Thank you, my dear son, for being my personal guide through the maze of life.
Doron Almog, father of Eran

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