Thanks to You, It’s One Big Party in ALEH’s Shelters

Thanks to You, It’s One Big Party in ALEH’s Shelters

It’s ironic, but it seems like these days, life at ALEHMoriah is one big party.

Thanks to our many caring friends and supporters worldwide, we have been enjoying some extra-special activities and performances during our prolonged stays in the sheltered rooms.  We also got to take a get-away trip far away from the booms, all the way up North to the gorgeous Nahal Shofet trail.

Sometimes the activities take place in the residences.  The performers go from house to house with all their accompanying paraphernalia, adapting the show to suit each particular group of residents.  At other times, the show takes place within the large shelter, with all the residents gathered together for an hour of fun and enjoyment.

It is difficult to describe in words how much these special activities contribute to creating high morale, a positive feeling and simple happiness, both for the residents and their dedicated staff.

The performers bring smiles and laughter to residents and staff alike.  The room rings with the sound of song and music, in stark contrast to the piercing wail of the siren and the rushed, pounding footsteps running toward the shelters during a Code Red Alert.

The time spent together in the shelter becomes a happy, fun time when we unite to share a pleasant event, rather than creating a heavy, oppressive atmosphere of worry and dread.

The wonderful trip to the North brought with it the healing power of nature’s beauty – the magnificent trees, the chirping of the birds, the waterfalls and greenery all around us brought a feeling of calmness and peace to us all.

Just as we returned home and finished settling each resident in their home, the air was pierced with the wail of the siren…and we felt that peaceful feeling of knowing that Thank G-d, we were all safely home.

THANK YOU to all our supporters and friends.  Your solidarity is the driving force behind our resilience and morale!