Shraga Evers – Director of Development, Europe and Asia

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Shraga Evers – Director of Development, Europe and Asia

Shraga is ALEH’s Director of Marketing and Development for Europe and Asia, promoting ALEH’s four facilities.

Shraga develops and implements marketing strategies in communities across Europe and Asia in order to gain awareness and support for ALEH in its vital mission to bring hope to children with complex disabilities.

Working closely with both governmental and non-governmental European and Asian organizations, Shraga cultivates professional partnerships for the sake of the disability community in Israel and throughout the world.

Shraga was born and raised in Amsterdam. Following his Jewish studies in Israel, he returned to the Netherlands to pursue a degree in International Business Management. There he guided several Dutch nonprofit organizations and served on a number of Boards and Committees of local organizations and foundations.

In 2012 Shraga made Aliyah together with his wife and daughter. After working on a special project in Jerusalem for the French engineering and consulting group SYSTRA, he joined the ALEH team in mid-2013.

Shraga lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 4 children.