Rikki Freulich – Head Nurse, ALEH Jerusalem

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Rikki Freulich – Head Nurse, ALEH Jerusalem


Rikki has been Head Nurse at ALEH Jerusalem for the last 9 years. Her extensive experience and qualification as a registered nurse are especially important in her work with ALEH’s population of dependent children with complex medical conditions.

Rikki works closely with the physician at ALEH to ensure high-quality individualized medical care for each child. Her responsibilities include supervision and guidance of ALEH Jerusalem’s caregiving, paramedical and educational staffs. Rikki collaborates with the dietician to design a personalized nutritional program for every child and follows up on food intake and development. She supervises the purchase and distribution of medicines, and is in regular contact with government health ministries and organizations, including care for children requiring hospitalization.

Rikki is on call 24 hours a day for all health-related issues pertaining to ALEH residents.