<strong>Reuven Avital </strong> </br>Partner and General Manager, Ma’Aragim Enterprises

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Reuven Avital Partner and General Manager, Ma’Aragim Enterprises

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Reuven Avital is Partner and General Manager of Ma’Aragim Enterprises, an Israeli investment company.

Since 2002, Mr. Avital has been Director of Neoprobe Corporation. In addition, he serves as chairman or board member of several nonprofit organizations, mainly furthering the cause of education for the underprivileged or international peace. In the past, Mr. Avital had served in various middle and senior management positions within the Israeli government.

Mr. Avital holds BA degrees in the History of the Middle East and International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As a Wexner Foundation Fellow, he earned an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


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