Naama Sudkewitz

Naama is Director of Moriah, ALEH’s facility located in the country’s central city of Gedera. An occupational therapist by profession, she holds an M.A. in management of nonprofit organizations and public administration.

Naama’s responsibilities include directing and coordinating a multidisciplinary staff of 100 employees including medical professionals, rehabilitation therapists, special education teachers and maintenance workers, on behalf of the the 110 children and young adults with complex disabilities. Among her many capabilities lies a special talent for understanding the individual needs of each resident, creating innovative solutions to address those needs, and implementing them to the satisfaction of all. In addition, she specializes in the fitting of custom-designed seating apparatuses suited to the individual requirements of the residents.

With over 10 years’ behind her as occupational therapist at ALEH Bnei Brak, Naama has culled extensive work experience in her field. She is personally involved with the families of the children, and works closely with government offices and institutions that serve the disability community.