Jozef (Yossi) Lipszyc – Director, ALEH Bnei Brak

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Jozef (Yossi) Lipszyc – Director, ALEH Bnei Brak


As Director of the ALEH Bnei Brak Beit Yahalom residential facility, Yossi directs a large medical, therapy and caregiving staff in the treatment and care of children with complex developmental and intellectual disabilities – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, he represents ALEH before various government institutions and authorities .

Yossi brings to his position at ALEH extensive experience in directing Israeli healthcare facilities.
His responsibilities at ALEH include:
• Acceptance/release of all residents
• Directorship and guidance of a multidisciplinary staff of doctors, nurses, paramedics, teachers,    educational experts, caregivers and administrative personnel
• Medical, rehabilitative, and general physical care for all residents
• Emergency management
• Encouragement of Interrelationships between parents/ residents/staff
• Representation of ALEH at government ministries and departments
• Improvement in quality of life for residents