Johanna Arbib – President, The Jerusalem Foundation

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Johanna Arbib – President, The Jerusalem Foundation

Johanna Arbib Perugia is the current President of the Jerusalem Foundation.

Ms. Arbib was born in Rome, Italy. With a degree in Business Administration from John Cabot University, she embarked on a career in international business and finance, eventually serving as senior advisor to the London-based Patron Capital international real estate private equity fund, and head of external relations for the AFI international real estate group.

Active in Jewish affairs since the age of 16, Ms. Arbib has served as President of the International Board of ALEH, Chairman of the Board Development Committee of the Jewish Agency, and Chairman of the Keren Hayesod World Board of Trustees. She is motivated by her belief in the centrality of Israel, the unity of the Jewish people and the guarantee of a Jewish/Zionist future for generations to follow. With Torah and Israel as her guiding light, she has strived to promote Jewish causes in the areas of education, social welfare, refugee relief, medical care, immigrant absorption and additional national priorities in Israel and throughout the Jewish world.

Ms. Arbib is an active member of ALEH’s Board of Governors. She is married to Italian orthopedic surgeon Prof. Dario Perugia and is mother to three girls, Rebecca, Noa Rakel, and Yasmina Leah.