<strong>Dr. Nimrod Novik</strong><br> Chairman of the Board, Economic Cooperation Foundation

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Dr. Nimrod Novik Chairman of the Board, Economic Cooperation Foundation

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Dr. Nimrod Novik has served for over 2 decades as Chairman of the Board of the ECF (Economic Cooperation Foundation), promoting Middle East cross-border cooperation in the political, security, economic and civic spheres.

Until 2011 Dr. Novik was a Senior Vice President of the Merhav Group, in charge of Middle East project development – including the MIDOR petroleum refinery and the EMG pipeline system – as well as government, media & corporate relations. Dr. Novik also served as a Board Member of Channel 10 News and AMPAL investment house. In addition, he has served as Chief Advisor on Foreign Policy to Shimon Peres; Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs; Israel Minister of Finance; Special Ambassador of the State of Israel; Advisor to the Israeli National Security Council; and Advisor to members of the Cabinet and Knesset. His contacts in the Arab world serve Israeli national interests to this day.

With a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Novik worked initially as a Senior Research Associate at the Foreign Policy Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon his return to Israel, he became a Senior Research Associate at Tel Aviv University’s Center for Strategic Studies, a media commentator on Israeli national security, and a regular participant in government security forums.

Dr. Novik is a member of the Council for Peace and Security; the IICC (Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center); and the Governing Board of the Peres Academic Center. He is an active member of the Board of ALEH.


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