Anne-Marie Boucher – Attorney at Law

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Anne-Marie Boucher – Attorney at Law

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Anne-Marie Boucher serves as legal counsel in the fields of estate planning, wealth management and corporate governance at the BCF, a Montreal law firm she co-founded.

After practicing tax, commercial and corporate law for over a decade at BCF, she subsequently assumed the directorship of Training and Education of the Quebec Tax Association, and taught various tax-related and legal subjects at universities in Montreal and Sherbrooke. She was a frequent speaker at tax conferences on estate planning matters and has authored a number of articles in that field. As one of the country’s foremost tax specialists, Ms. Boucher served as advisor to the Brazilian government in its tax reform, and was elected municipal advisor to the City of Hampstead.

Ms. Boucher graduated in 1989 from the University of Montreal (LLB) and later obtained a master’s degree in Tax Law from the University of Sherbrooke. A member of the board for the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Lower Canada College, and the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation, she is deeply committed to philanthropy in Canada, Europe and Israel. She is married to Mitch Garber, and they have two sons, Ryan and Dylan.