<strong>Amir Pushinsky </strong> </br>Founder and CEO, Amir Pushinsky Holdings Ltd.

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Amir Pushinsky Founder and CEO, Amir Pushinsky Holdings Ltd.

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Mr. Amir Pushinsky is Founder and CEO of Amir Pushinsky Holdings Ltd., an Israeli real estate, sales and marketing services company. In addition, he is the owner of a real estate brokerage company in NYC.

Mr. Pushinsky has accrued vast experience in management and leadership roles across many industries including banking. Among the many positions he has held, Mr. Pushinsky served as Chief Marketing Officer at AGT International , Vice President of Marketing at Comverse Technology, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Prisma Investment House, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Discount Mortgage Bank, Chief Executive Officer of Ronit Raphael, Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Advertising at Mifal Hapayis (Israel’s national lottery), and Director of NasVax Ltd. Mr. Pushinsky holds a BA in Business Administration and Marketing from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). He currently serves as a board member in various corporates and nonprofit organizations.


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