<strong>Amir Eshel</strong> <br> Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force

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Amir Eshel Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force

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Major General Amir Eshel is the current Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force.

Major General Eshel graduated from the IAF Flight Academy as a fighter pilot in 1979, and later headed the IAF’s Operations Dept. from 1997-99. With a military career that has spanned many of the nation’s wars and battles, he eventually came to serve as Head of the IDF Planning Directorate from 2008-2012. He assumed his present position in 2012 as Commander of the IAF.

Major General Eshel is married and father of three. He holds academic degrees in economics from Auburn University, and in political science from the University of Haifa National Security Studies Center.


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