Adi Kochavi – Data Story Producer, Vocativ Films

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Adi Kochavi – Data Story Producer, Vocativ Films

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A Data Story Producer at Vocativ Films, Adi Kochavi heads a team of data analysts who use data-mining technology to explore the deep web, finding stories and producing original content for filmmaking purposes.

Ms. Kochavi was previously a writer for Vocativ’s news site as well as for the Cornell Daily Sun. She spearheaded the corporate social responsibility program and internal communications platform for an IoT-based technology company, AGT International. Making use of her past experience with the Alpha Phi Omega community service group and the AIESEC international organization, she subsequently became Director of Community Activities at Logic Industries, which focused on sponsorship programs for the benefit of children.

Ms. Kochavi holds a bachelor’s in psychology and Near Eastern studies from Cornell University  and is currently pursuing a master’s in English literature.