Tasty Surprise for Jerusalem’s Bnot Sherut

Tasty Surprise for Jerusalem’s Bnot Sherut

ALEH Jerusalem’s bnot sherut (National-Service girls) arrived home to an especially tasty surprise last week. Their entire apartment had been decorated with balloons, streamers and hearts, and an indulgent “ice-cream meal,” with pancakes and other sweet treats, was laid out on the table.

And on top of all the culinary delights, a colorful album filled with beautiful pictures of their experiences at ALEH awaited each girl.

You may wonder who was behind all of this, and the answer is…. the VOLUNTEERS! ALEH Jerusalem’s fantastic volunteers decided to randomly spoil the devoted National- Service girls, on an ordinary day, to acknowledge their very hard work towards the wellbeing of each child at ALEH Jerusalem. Recent weeks have been full of events and parties, creating an even tighter and more demanding schedule than usual for our wonderful bnot sherut. Our beloved volunteers, who work together with the National-Service girls, felt that they deserved a special treat and came up with this amazing tribute.

There’s nothing like cooperation combined with mutual love and acknowledgement. And of course, those who benefit most from this unique friendship between the volunteers and the bnot sherut are ALEH’s residents.

We are truly blessed to have such volunteers!