Taglit birthright israel Visits ALEH Negev

Taglit birthright israel Visits ALEH Negev


Brenda Tobin
Thank you so much for giving me the chance for giving us the chance to come and see what you have been doing here, I think it s great.

Scott Berger
As someone with a developmentally disabled family member, it warms my heart to encounter such a beautiful facility with compassionate staff members.

Laura Raden
The facility is beautiful and provides an incredible place to allow these young people to feel purpose and connection which no family could provide

Chloe Lew
I think that this is a wonderful organization extremely inspiring, I think that people with disabilities are often discriminated against, often because of the fear of the unknown and this organization strives to correct the wrongs with respect and love.

Gabriella Schwartz
It was extremely rewarding to be part of this Mitzvah. Thank you for letting us participate in such a wonderful program

Adam Zuckerman
Your facility is world class. It s really amazing you give these kids this opportunity

Samantha Quinn
I think that it is absolutely wonderful what you are doing here. The facilities are really top notch.

Eric Bernstein
I think this is a very nice institution doing great work. I wish them the best of luck on future projects and tasks

Brooke Shandloff
Kudos to all that you do. There should be more people like you in this world. Good luck with everything.

Micah Bluming
Great facilities! It s great you help each resident find his or her niche.

Danielle Furman
The place is BEAUTIFUL.

Blair Hann
Wonderful place, it truly touched my heart.

Caren Axelrod
I love how the residents don t feel like they are living in a cage ; rather they are living in a beautiful bedroom with an open view in a beautiful house. Thank you so much for this touching experience.

Anna Beller
One of the most beautiful gifts one can give to humanity. This project gives me hope in the future of the world.

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