Summer Fun at ALEH

Summer Fun at ALEH

May 16, 2006

The Galil and its beauty – its hiking trails into the heart of the nature, its plush greenery and pulsing animal life, its rushing waterfalls and its peaceful beachfronts – all came alive for Moriah’s 96 residents and staff members this past week.

Following the long trip up north, we all thoroughly enjoyed a beautiful hike in Nachal Shofet’s wheelchair-accessible trail.  We then continued on to the Kinar Hotel on the beachfront of the Kinneret, where we were greeted by an amazing staff who helped arrange everyone comfortably in spacious rooms.  We all quickly showered and dressed in our best, and met together in the dining room.  It was a delight to see the residents sitting at the hotel’s tables, eating, drinking and enjoying every moment of luxury.

The next day’s activities began with a hike in Tel Dan’s nature reserve, which also has a wheelchair accessible route.  The walk along the bubbling river was a cool and pleasant experience.  Of course, by the time we left we were all good and wet from an exciting water fight involving both staff and residents. After a picnic lunch we traveled to Kibbutz Yaron.  Swimming peacefully in the kibbutz’s lake were ducks and geese, and they were soon joined by the residents of Moriah in small paddleboats.

Surrounding the lake were various animals that we were able to pet and feed, and the residents immediately connected with the chickens, rabbits, lambs and iguanas walking about freely.  With nightfall we returned to the hotel and a delicious dinner, and after showers all the residents fell asleep quickly, tired but satisfied from their wonderful day.

The nights held special attractions for the staff.  One night we enjoyed a thrilling jeep ride in search of night animals, and the second night we pampered ourselves in the hot springs and saunas in the area.

The third day was spent at the beach next to the hotel, where we all went into the water and then relaxed in the shade of the magnificent eucalyptus trees surrounding the Kinneret.

The three glorious days and that Moriah spent in the Galil left us all rejuvenated, invigorated, and eagerly anticipating the next vacation!


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