Volunteers from different religions and countries with one common goal

What do Sara Yu from China, Grace Yau from Hong Kong, Selma from France, Amanda from Florida, Lydia from Germany, Patricia from Texas, Jenny from Maryland, Dina from California and many other volunteers have in common?

All of them decided to dedicate a few months of intense volunteerism for the benefit of children and youth with disabilities at ALEH Jerusalem.

The mixture of cultures and languages provides color and diversity and, most importantly, a warm embrace from all of the world’s nations for the children and staff of ALEH Jerusalem.

ALEH Jerusalem was blessed with many excellent volunteers. In addition to the Israeli volunteers, people come from all over the world to volunteer at ALEH Jerusalem.

This morning we held a spontaneous meeting with overseas volunteers on the premises at the time. We wanted to hear a little bit about how things were working out and about their different experiences. Each volunteer introduced him/herself, where they came from and how they heard about ALEH. It was fascinating to get to know such amazing volunteers from so many different places, cultures and religions. But everyone had one goal: the desire to give and bestow as much as possible.

At ALEH Jerusalem our volunteers found more than just a place to volunteer. They found a huge family made up of many wonderful and dear people.

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