Sealed off and isolated in the desert?

My name is Salome Herbrich and I volunteer in ALEH Negev. Since about five months I support the residents in their daily life. My motivation to come to Israel was to do something good and selfless for people, who can’t help themselves. But most of all for Israel. It is important to me, that I stand behind this country, no matter what others say or think. Especially as a German.

to do something good and selfless for people, who can’t help themselves

With my year here as a volunteer, I want to give my life a deeper meaning and to be a blessing for the neediest of God’s children. Honestly in the beginning I had some concerns, because I lacked any previous experience with people with special needs. That was a challenge that taught me to grow beyond myself and to get to know myself better. I am surprised by myself how I am able now to see the residents from a very different light. To see the human being who is hidden behind that terrible physical and mental disability. A smile makes my day, a hearty laugh makes my heart explode. In these moments I am just happy, that small things can do so much. Speech is not everything, important is what you carry in your heart.

Although I live in the Negev and it may look like I am sealed off and isolated, I have many opportunities to travel and to get to know the country. There is no luxury here but it is so worth it! I am proud and grateful to be here!

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