Danielle’s Story

I arrived at ALEH Negev-Nachlat Eran 5 weeks ago, not knowing what to expect. Those same 5 weeks at ALEH changed my life.

In such a short amount of time, and far too short to my dismay; I made strong and loving connections with residents from ALEH.

Those same 5 weeks at ALEH changed my life

One of the residents I had the utmost pleasure of working with is Shai. When I first saw Shai, sitting in his wheelchair, mute and unable to move about, I never believed a human’s care and attention could go so far to help somebody like Shai. A few months ago, ALEH began a project with Shai to enhance his capabilities of eating independently. I had the opportunity to participate in this moving and important program. Today, Shai can eat on his own with only the slight aid in directing his spoon.

During my precious time in Israel, ALEH Negev shared their special community with me and included me in their family.

Thank you to you all,


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