Small Change Makes a Big Difference

Small Change Makes a Big Difference

In a unique project to benefit the children of ALEH, El Al began a campaign in October 2005 called “Small Change Makes a Big Difference.”

On El Al flights returning to Israel, passengers are requested to place leftover change in any currency in the envelope found in the pocket seat before them. Their kind donation will benefit the children of ALEH, for even small coins can make a big difference in the lives of thousands of disabled children.

Bank Hapoalim has also lent its support to this unique project by opening a special account, where all transactions and currency conversions take place free of charge.

The campaign has proven very successful, with thousands of travelers filling the envelopes in a joint effort to help Israel’s disabled children.

We are grateful to El Al for this truly benevolent in-flight project, as well as to Bank Hapoalim for its generous contribution to the project’s success. A special thank you to all participants for your kindness and support!


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