Simcha’s Joy

Simcha’s Joy

A number of years ago, Simcha was forced to leave her job. A medical issue and ensuing respiratory difficulties had created a trying situation. Suddenly, she found herself at home, with no strength or desire to move.

“My family was affected, too. Every day that passed dragged us down further. I desperately needed a change,” explains Simcha.

She continues on, her face now alight with a broad smile. “One day someone suggested I go and volunteer for ALEH Negev – Nahalat Eran. To tell you the truth, I never dreamed I would have the strength needed for such an undertaking. Yet right from the start, I fell in love with ALEH and with my new sense of purpose. The volunteer work was so rewarding, I just couldn’t imagine my life without it.”

Today, Simcha runs the Café ALEH cafeteria on a completely voluntary basis. Three times a week, she arrives at ALEH Negev, cooking up no less than a gourmet menu for the rehabilitation outpatients, volunteers, and guests who frequent the cafeteria. Simcha’s cheerful voice, infectious peals of laughter, and tantalizing aromas fill Café ALEH with joy.

“There are days I don’t feel quite as good. This morning, for example, I felt so weak that I had no desire to get out of bed. I felt I had no choice but to cancel my volunteer work for the day. Inadvertently I scratched my arm and suddenly felt the ALEH bracelet I wear day and night. I promptly got up out of bed with renewed strength and determination, and light as a feather, prepared to begin my day at ALEH Negev! What can I say? I enjoy every moment there, and the outpatients and volunteers who come to the cafeteria enjoy every bite!

“I’d like to send a message to all of you who live in this area. If you don’t work, and you have a few hours to spare, there’s a very special place that really needs you. Just drop everything and come to ALEH Negev. Give the best of yourselves, and you’re sure to get much, much more in return! ALEH will be right here waiting for you.”