Shavuot Celebrations at ALEH!

Shavuot Celebrations at ALEH!

 The entire Jewish nation rejoiced in the Holiday of Shavuot, and ALEH was certainly no exception.

Special programs and excursions were arranged during the week before Shavuot in the various ALEH branches. ALEH Negev hosted El-Al stewardesses, who help raise awareness of ALEH’s children on flights, and IDF soldiers in ALEH’s volunteer program in the annual pre-Shavuos celebration. In a moving closing ceremony, awards were given out to outstanding staff members whose year-long efforts displayed heartwarming determination, initiative, and leadership.

This year, ALEH Moriah went out in search of wheat fields on a nearby moshav. Instead of sheaves of wheat, they found a sea of radiant yellow sunflowers in full bloom. All delighted in watching the bees as they sucked their repast of nectar, with ladybugs nearby taking off into flight. The greenery worked its magic as it transported all back to days of yore and the green of Mount Sinai when the Jewish people received the Torah. From fields and flowers, the group went on to find a warm reception and musical program awaiting them in the Nir Galim Synagogue, with the priceless opportunity to kiss the Torah Scroll specially removed from the Ark in their honor.

The special pre-Shavuos activities and outings were topped off with delightful parties in honor of the upcoming holiday. Beautifully laden tables ushered in the festivities, with singing and dancing and lots of joy!

Indeed, ALEH residents felt very fortunate to be an integral part of the Chosen People – a sense of belonging to their wonderful community and nation!