Setting the Standard for National Service – ALEH Jerusalem

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National Service volunteers have played a key role at ALEH Jerusalem ever since its inception, constituting a seemingly natural, inseparable part of the ALEH staff. The dedicated group of volunteers showers students with sisterly warmth and love and are recipients of sincere affection and gratitude on the part of ALEH residents and employees.

Over the years, the number of girls applying to ALEH for National Service has grown exponentially, so much so that by the beginning of winter placements have already been secured for the following year.

Upon noticing this interesting trend, the administration of Aminadiv, the National Service placement organization, decided to look into the matter and scheduled a visit to ALEH Jerusalem. Twenty senior-staff administrative employees, including Aminadav’s CEO, made their way to ALEH Jerusalem, toured the premises, met with staff, National Service volunteers and the mother of one second-year volunteer. Avital, a former volunteer, spoke about the truly unique atmosphere at ALEH and the difficulty in leaving after service that led her to continue her commitment to the residents of ALEH as an on-staff employee.

The visitors from Aminadav felt first-hand how hard it is to leave ALEH, and the tour, scheduled to finish at 12:00, stretched out for over two more hours.

At visit’s end, ALEH Jerusalem was asked to serve as an official model and example for other organizations assisted by National Service girls.

And the cherry on the top – inspired by what they saw and heard during the visit, before leaving, two Aminadav administrators registered as volunteers, joining the family of ALEH Jerusalem.