Sarita Si, Si (Yes in Spanish)!!!

Sarita Si, Si (Yes in Spanish)!!!

Apr 23, 2014

Going to buy new clothes is one of the most exciting holiday preparations for everyone – young and old.

ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran’s residents enjoyed their shopping spree immensely, during which they chose their own new shirts in honor of Pesach.

Accompanied by the village’s communication therapists and National Service girls, the residents went shopping at Ofakim’s popular clothing store.  The goal of the trip: to enable the residents to experience the skills involved in buying and choosing, asserting their independence, practicing communication skills, and undergoing normative experiences.  They also got to feel the unique holiday atmosphere within community life.

The project included several stages to ensure its success:

  • Preparing the residents for the expedition, including how to choose clothes, trying on for size, paying at the register
  • Travel arrangements with a wheelchair-accessible van
  • Actual expedition
  • Sharing the experience – showing pictures of the trip to their families via Skype, and telling their friends about it via communication boards

Sarita, a wonderful resident who has been living in the village for the past half-year, was one of the participants of this project.  Sarita is dependent and can speak a few words in Spanish.  She became visibly excited when the accompanying national service girl held up a purple shirt, her favorite color.  “Si, si…”, Sarita repeated, clearly stating her choice in Spanish.  Her eyes literally shone with excitement as she smiled and stretched out her hand toward the shirt.  And even when presented with dressier clothes, Sarita continued to choose “her” purple shirt.  She completed her purchase and clasped her precious bag all the way home.

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