Saluting Ongoing Dedication

Saluting Ongoing Dedication

May 15, 2011

ALEH recently paid tribute to its outstanding workers: the caregivers and therapists who utilize their talents and strengths to bring forth the best from every ALEH child, while showering them with the love and warmth that enables them to grow.

At its third Outstanding Workers Awards Ceremony held in the Moriah facility, workers from all four ALEH facilities were awarded cash prizes and plaques in recognition of their dedication.  The awards were sponsored by the Pikar Foundation, in memory of Eran Almog z”l.

Didi Almog, Chairperson of the Foundation, greeted the awardees and their families. “To be outstanding in ALEH, an organization that works to benefit the weakest among society, is a source of pride.  Your job is a task that requires a high level of personal commitment, the ability to cope with a difficult daily routine, thoroughness, creative thinking, and being a personal example to others.”

Shlomit Grayevsky, Director of ALEH Jerusalem and Deputy Director of the organization, spoke in the name of all the facilities.  “Once a year we are able to publicly show our appreciation to our outstanding staff members who go beyond the call of duty, accept responsibility and suggest new ideas and initiatives.  They are our real partners in the running of the facility, and in the care and progress of the children.”

Karnit Shmueli, coordinator of the paramedical staff at ALEH Negev, spoke on behalf of the award recipients.  She thanked the entire staff for the incredible support and team effort, which creates the fertile ground upon which each member can contribute their utmost.

The ceremony concluded with the special residents of Moriah handing out flowers to the award recipients, amidst much clapping and appreciation.


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