How it Works

No matter the distance, your pace or how hard you trained, every stride will promote disability inclusion and change lives – including yours. When you run with ALEH, we all win!

1) Launch Your Campaign

  • Join ALEH Ascend by creating your personalized campaign
  • Register for the Jerusalem Marathon via the official website
  • Enter your ALEH discount code into the “Registration Code” field
  • Write ‘ALEH’ into the “Club” field
  • Start training for the experience of a lifetime!

2) Spread The Word

  • Send your campaign to family, friends, and colleagues via e-mail, text or social media to enlist their support
  • Post your campaign on social media platforms to raise awareness and secure additional support
  • Talk to your local media outlets about highlighting your fundraising campaign and ALEH’s efforts to advance disability care and inclusion year-round

3) Let’s Go!