Purim "Adopt a Child" Event at ALEH

Purim "Adopt a Child" Event at ALEH

Mar 21, 2005

As family and friends of ALEH filed out of one of Bnei Brak’s large halls, the smiles, laughter and tears kept flowing. This year’s Purim Event had truly been unique.

Every heart was touched by the sight of 85 severely disabled children who were brought to the hall by their caregivers, teachers and paramedical staff, participating in a dress-up costume contest in which they were the stars.

And every heart was moved upon hearing of the devotion of the ALEH volunteers who had each adopted one or two children as her personal charge. Each volunteer planned her charge’s costume, designed it, bought the necessary accessories, and lovingly dressed up the child on the long-awaited day.

The costumes were kept secret until the day of the contest, surprising the staff and families with their creativity. There was a beautiful prince and princess, a sun, a Mexican, a pair of dolls, and a pizza vendor who walked around selling pizzas that had been prepared by the children of ALEH the day before in one of their extra-curricular activities.

This special event demonstrated many things: the dedication of ALEH’s staff and volunteers, as well as ALEH’s belief that children with severe disabilities deserve to experience joy just as all other children. But most of all, the ALEH Purim “Ädopt a Child” Event proved that with love, the spirit can conquer the body’s limitations.


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