Presidential Seal of Approval for ALEH Patrons

Presidential Seal of Approval for ALEH Patrons

Apr 16, 2009

Israeli President Shimon Peres

It was hard to tell who was more honoured by the occasion when Israeli President Shimon Peres recently received Gail Seal and Candida Gertler and their families in his presidential house during the recent Pesach holiday. The meeting was organized in tribute to the two women, who have ably served at the forefront of Friends of ALEH in London.

The President praised their efforts to work on behalf of the most vulnerable segment of Israeli society, declaring that he had the most sincere admiration, respect, and appreciation for their worthy endeavours. The warmth was evident in the room, as the President made time to greet all the assorted family members, young and old.
Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi of the Western Wall and Israel’s Holy Sites, who was also present for the occasion, brought along his family to meet the President. The Rabbi expressed his own gratitude to Candida Gertler and Gail Seal for their dedication and commitment to help ALEH’s most severely disabled children and their families; he later presented them with certificates of honour from ALEH recognizing their contributions to severely disabled children and their families.
ALEH is proud to be associated with these two remarkable women, and lauds their extraordinary efforts in helping to promote the welfare of ALEH’s children, offering them hope for a real quality of life and the right to achieve full potential.
May they be blessed with the continued ability to lead ALEH forward, towards a future of hope and flourishing opportunities for our special children.


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