Orange you glad!

Orange you glad!

ALEH Bnei Brak students were treated to a virtual orchard tour that certainly made them glad this winter!

The orchard tour was prepared by the professional special education teaching staff and the workshop staff, to act as an open learning center for the students.

The tour took the students to see various types of citrus trees, allowing them to experience the orchard through play and activity while sharpening their motor and sensory skills. It was especially good for the children to leave the typical classroom setting and experience something new and unfamiliar. Each class was able to enjoy the different activities and benefit from new avenues of learning.

Some of the activities and goals of the orchard tour:

  • Familiarize the children with the orchard and different types of fruits. The tour began with staff playing music and introducing concepts such as the citrus grower, picking and packing the fruit, as well as the names of the various fruits.
  • Picking fruit – encouraging children to reach for the fruit and collect crates
  • Sorting the fruit according to size, color and type
  • Creating artwork using glue and various textures and paints

Fruit products – tasting and smelling different fruit juices and the preparation of fruit and fruit salads

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